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Profile: Malcolm Isaacs, Applied Data Science Student @ Noroff

Email: malc_isa @ protonmail.com

Twitter: @malc_i

What am I doing now?

I've just embarked on a new chapter at the Noroff University of Technology, starting a bachelors in Applied Data Science. This study is the natural next step for me after a couple of years of self study and discovery into topics such as machine learning, UX, NLP/chatbots and web technologies. It's been busy!.... Since Moving to Norway in 2017 and becoming a father twice over, I have relished learning a new language and adapting to a new culture.


Where I spend my time....

Web Dev

I've been making Wordpress sites for a couple years now. But now I'm developing my HTML, CSS, JS and Python.

Machine Learning

Many call it the most important technology of our time. Gaining skills through my degree that allow me to work with in this sphere and better understand the algorithms that will come to dictate our future.


I can lose myself in Behance for hours....yet I also enjoy trying to find out why some software is so much more successful than others. UX studies fascinate me.


I've been working with bots since 2016. The mix of user interaction and creative copy-writing required in such a new medium is an enjoyable challenge.


Steve Jobs, Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, Naval Ravikant, Seth Godin, Paul Graham.... the list of inspiring individuals, particularly from Silicon Valley, give one a plethora of contrarian examples to digest and learn from.


It's 2019 and we have a huge amount of data lying around with untapped potential. I look forward to developing my data science skills further so that I can make an impact in the digital world.


Why Data Science?

Getting started at Noroff...


Aldous Huxley & FB

Ever prescient....


Protonmail & Bitwarden

Privacy tools...


Info Sec Crisis

Stunning worldwide events....


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If you are going to get good at something you can never let up.